“David is very diverse in life experience, in his career as a pharmacist, author, artist, channeler, healer and so much more. This diversity gives him a broad scope of experience and wisdom which enhances his intuitive and healing abilities.

As a channeler, David's balanced presence inspires a sense of calm and holds the individual or group in that space, enabling them to receive and integrate the messages being delivered. David is a clear open channel, bringing through compassionate messages that speak to the truth of the individual's heart. His messaging is concise and direct to the point that is being brought through. I have witnessed many people who have found life changing benefit from his messages.

In working with David as a fellow channeler on a panel that channeled for group events, his commitment to raising consciousness comes through. He encouraged and inspired attendees to not only receive the messages given but to discern and follow their own intuition as well.

David is a gifted channeler and healer and it is an honor and a privilege to work side-by-side with him. ”

- J.L.

”David has the intuitive ability to open your body up and release all the stagnant energy to help you move forward into good health. He does not judge or question you, he opens up to you unconditionally. He can see beyond the physical and move you spiritually to embrace who you are from a bigger picture or tapestry of life. David’s creativity comes through in healings as he uses what works for the individual. He doesn’t get caught up in it must be one way or another, he finds what works with your energy field, he is a true artist in many ways. David opens and releases of himself to allow the healing that is needed for you to come through unhindered. He will speak from the heart in kindness. He empowers you to find your strength and work to heal within yourself.”

- D.B.

"David shares his intuitive gifts with a quiet strength that provides stability and solace for everyone he encounters. As a clear and open-hearted channel who tunes into the core of a matter quickly, he is able to share compassionate messages from spirit to encourage people to walk their paths with clarity and courage."

- A.W.

David was my student in Reiki and spiritual healing. His natural abilities projecting energy are in harmony with his Higher Self. David is able to attune his flow of being a natural channeler. I was impressed with his modalities of integrating Body, Mind and Soul.

- Sol Fire Shaman, Jorge Villanueva Castillo

“I have known David Wells for a number of years and I have had the privilege of experiencing him as both a friend and a colleague. We were both members of a channeling group in Minnesota called The Sistrum. As a highly intuitive channeler, healer and artist, David possesses a quality seldom seen these days, true compassion for others. Putting everyone at ease, he releases all judgment, respecting everyone’s beliefs—spiritual, religious and political. Preferring to empower his clients, his clear Channel sheds light on the situations surrounding the petitioner’s question and provides possible choices, reminding them that these choices are always theirs. Humble, admitting when he doesn’t have an answer for their question, David delivers the messages he receives with empathy and heart. ”

- L.M.

"David is a magnificent Channeler to share an experience with. He brings forth energy and messages with open heart, delivering them from a place of unconditional love. His messages resonate deeply. David is also wonderful in assisting and guiding others to expand into the grandness of their own energy allowing them to find their path and truth."

- K.W.