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Energy Healing

Energy healing is referred to as a complementary and alternative medicine because it is not a method that can be measured or understand by scientific and medical principles, as we know it. You may have heard of these therapies by several names - Reiki, Acupuncture, Chakra balancing, Crystal healing, Sound healing, Qi Gong, and Spiritual Healing or Hands-on Healing. These techniques manipulate the subtle energy fields in our body (e.g., meridians, chakras, aura) to eliminate blockages, as well as activate the body’s natural healing abilities inside of us, and thereby restore and/or maintain homeostasis, a natural balance. Energy healing works beyond the physical body – it positively improves the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well.

Energy medicine is the term that describes using one or more energy healing modalities to promote health.

Distant Healing

Distant healing refers to the sending of energy to a patient who is not located within arms’ reach of the healer who is providing the treatment. Distant healing works because energy can be sent directly to the recipient by intention, and only that person will receive it. The recipient can be lying down and in a receptive state at the time of the treatment, but does not need to be. Many healers offer distant healing on a continuing basis to their clients.

  • A bibliography of articles and studies on distant healing can be found at the Institute of Noetic Sciences website
  • A video shows the nationally known healer, Echo Bodine, sending healing energy from her location in Minnesota to a recipient in California, and electronic measurements are made of the recipient’s energy field over the course of the session.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing uses the energy within crystals to restore balance and promote wellness. Certain crystal varieties are useful for balancing the 7 major energy centers, or chakras, in the body. Other crystals are useful to promote grounding, to open the heart energy, and to promote spiritual awareness. Directories that describe the uses of crystals are found online in many places; as an example, the meanings of healing gemstones are listed on this website.

Judy Hall has compiled the popular Crystal Bible books and Crystal Prescription books which are regarded as the definitive volumes on the subject of working with crystals, understanding their properties and energy, and how to use them for healing and wellness.

Sound Healing

Sound has been used for centuries as a healing modality – think of the effects that mantras, chanting, drumming, and Tibetan bowls have when you listen to them. These techniques are all based on the specific frequencies and repetitions of sounds. In our world there are pleasant and soothing sounds, then there are the “noises’ in our environment which are unpleasant sounds – you can feel the difference, right? So can our bodies. Sound is another tool that is used to balance the chakras and to open up energy blockages in the body. Additional effects of specific sound frequencies and patterns are for relaxation and/or sleep, promoting meditation, and to promote altered states of consciousness.

An early pioneer in sound healing is Jonathan Goldman who has created a series of CDs to promote chakra balancing and to promote meditation. A detailed discussion of sound healing can be found at his website.

Tom Kenyon is another pioneer who has studied the effects of sound on the brain and spiritual transformation. Audio files on his website are available to clear the chakras and these can be sampled before purchase.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are liquids that are concentrated from single plants, trees or other natural substances growing on the earth, and many of these have been shown to possess healing properties. These oils are not true oils by definition, but are volatile extracts that contain the oil soluble components from the plant species. Some oils can be applied directly to skin, while others need to be added to a carrier (e.g., jojoba oil) before application. Many oils can be diffused directly into the air to promote benefits.

Several common therapeutic uses of oils are listed on the website of the University of Minnesota, Center for Spirituality & Healing Suppliers of essential oils are numerous, and two names are Young Living Oils and doTERRA. Many reference guides to using essential oils are available; for example, Life Science Publishing offers many informative and useful books on their website.

Qi Gong

As described by the National Qi Gong Association, the word Qi Gong is made up of two Chinese words - Qi (pronounced chee) is translated to mean the life force or vital-energy that flows through all things in the universe and Gong (pronounced gung) means accomplishment, or skill that is cultivated through steady practice. Together, Qi Gong refers to a system of cultivating energy that is practiced for healing, maintaining health, and increasing vitality. This energetic manipulation is not present in acupuncture, for example, so its addition during a healing session provides for enhanced healing.

Master Chunyi Lin developed an approach to Qi Gong healing which he calls “Spring Forest Qi Gong” and Dr. Wells studied with Master Lin. Spring Forest Qi Gong teaches that one of the reasons people get sick is because their yin and yang energies are out of balance. Therefore, the techniques are designed to bring the yin and yang energies back into balance to help each person be at optimal health and wellness. A description of how Spring Forest Qi Gong works is available online.

Two other advocates of Qi Gong for health are Lee Holden and Ken Cohen.

Shamanic Healing

The practice of Shamanism represents another form of spiritual healing and it’s actually the most ancient of them all, as it has been found in indigenous cultures all over South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Shamans are known to go on a journey (enter into an altered state of consciousness) to gain spiritual information from the unseen dimension and to secure healing help from spirits and animals.

Shamans can gain information on remedies from plants, and they demonstrate great reverence to Mother Earth during their work. Shamans utilize many tools in their work, including essential oils, sound (drumming, crystal bowls, rattles, and homemade horns), and intuitive spiritual healing.

Information can also be obtained from animals in terms of messages as well as reading the clues that the animals provide by their presence. More information on Shamanism can be found at The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. A well-known teacher in Shamanism is Sandra Ingerman who is also promoting the global community to come together and bring about positive change for the planet.

A qualified and authentic shamanic practitioner located in Orange County, California, is Dr. Steven Farmer who offers personal healing sessions, group workshops, and formal training programs for certification. He has written several excellent books on shamanic healing, power animals, ancestral healing, and animal spirit guides.

Guided Meditations

Maureen Allan has created many beautifully guided meditations to help you achieve healing and relaxation, establish a deeper connection to your guides and angels, enable psychic protection of your energy centers, and release negative energies.

Working in a direct merge with Heaven’s spiritual guides and angels, Maureen channels the wisdom of our Heavenly teachers and helpers to assist you on your path of enlightenment. Guided meditations are of great value to your spiritual healing regimen.