Heal your Soul with Abstract Art

Simply being involved in the creative process of making art is healing for the soul. Let go of any limiting beliefs you may have about how creative or artistic you are! The experience allows expression to come forward, which releases stress, promotes the feeling of joy, and improves emotional well-being. You will use anything but a brush to create dramatic effects in artworks and you will achieve an enhanced state of mind.

Create Art Infused with Healing Energies

Did you know that art can contain healing energies? Yes it can! Buy art with the intention to increase feelings of hope, joy and happiness; increase revenue; improve health; and increase prosperity. Better yet, create your own art with these or other intentions. The Laguna Beach artist David Wells will show you how to expand your inner gifts for expression during this guided, hands-on workshop. He will demonstrate an artistic technique and then allow you to create to your heart’s desire. The process is therapeutic and you will leave the workshop with a dozen pieces of art that contain the energies that you specifically call forward by intention. The importance of this process is that even the smallest piece of art will increase the vibrational frequency of the space in which it is displayed.

Who is this Workshop for?

A healing art workshop is therapeutic, just like music is therapeutic, and it raises your vibration and provides a calming effect. When adults or children are depressed or have an illness like cancer, or a long-term injury, they can paint and be inspired. When someone is in a creative, positive mental state for a couple hours, this effect can really promote the healing process. Consider this workshop also for patients in a clinic or hospital, nursing homes, retirement communities, and for children.

Where is the Workshop Held?

Workshops are held by appointment in your own home, clinic or facility. Another location is at the artist’s studio, or at the park or beach (Laguna Beach). Feel free to suggest any convenient location close to you, such as community center, recreation center, etc. Outdoor locations work too!

About the Artist David Wells

The artist David Wells channels energy as a healer and he utilizes the techniques of energy medicine for his clients. It’s no wonder that his art contains healing energy, too! David also creates energetic portraits where the artwork captures a person’s inner essence. View his art portfolio online at his website DavidWellsArt.com

Let’s Get Started! Invest in your Well-being

  • Attend with the purpose of creating art and having fun – no talent or paintbrush required!
  • The simple process of creating art is healing for the soul
  • The workshop fee is $60/student or $130 for a group of 3 to 4 students; ask for pricing for larger groups
  • Discounts are available to healthcare professionals arranging a group event and to those who are financially challenged
  • Art materials are provided by the artist
  • Workshops are held in your home, at artist’s studio, at occasional public events, and in work settings such as a clinic or other facility
  • Evening and weekend sessions are available
  • Contact David for details at (949) 484-8111 or email heal@energymedicinehealer.com