What is an Energy Medicine Healer?

David is called an Energy Medicine Healer because he is in tune with the power of energy to restore balance in our bodies and bring about healing. His training in Pharmacy and Toxicology has convinced him that the practices of energy medicine should be part of a comprehensive, integrative medicine approach to treating illness and maintaining wellness.

What is your background in healing? A bit about you?

Ten years ago I became interested in alternative medicine and different ways to heal the body other than drugs and surgery. The placebo effect fascinated me and I was led to the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Lissa Rankin and others who had a firm foundation in the traditional sciences but yet were venturing into new territory by challenging the old beliefs that many still regard as sacred.

Can your thoughts really control your reality? Are negative thoughts a form of bad energy? What effect does our environment and our thoughts have on genes? Why does the placebo effect work? I continued to study other disciplines and learned teachings in essential oils and crystals for healing, Qi Gong, Shamanic techniques, and sound healing.

In November of 2012 I experienced a spontaneous knee fracture which opened my eyes to the fact that we store emotions in our cells from present and past lifetimes. Following surgery, I turned to energy healing, in addition to traditional physical therapy, and I recovered to full capacity in record time. As a result of my experiencing the power and healing abilities of energy, I immersed all my attention into learning more about the different energy medicine techniques.

Spirit led me to my teachers and opened the door for me to see and embrace my life path as an energy healer. In this role, I allow myself to be a vehicle for the Divine energy of Spirit to pass through me and be of service to my clients for their healing sessions.

- David Wells, PhD

David Wells, an Energy Medicine Healer

"I have known David for two years and have benefited from his intuitive counseling services. David’s ability to validate your feelings and show you how to move forward is unlike anyone else I have met. He’s able to quickly see what’s not working and help you overcome those obstacles by offering clear and simple solutions. He’s a gem!"

- A.S.

What is your approach to healing?

There are multiple ways to address healing. Drugs alone are not always the cure; rather, it is a mixture of alternative and traditional techniques that I believe offers the best approach to healing. I continue to be involved in pharmacology and medicine, and am well acquainted with their value and limitations, so I like to bring in alternative healing to complement the modalities chosen for a client. It is best to treat the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self concurrently.

What is your intuitive counseling service?

I have intuitive abilities which allow me to channel Spirit and bring in information from a higher place to provide greater clarity and understanding of situations. Clients can choose the option to hear and discuss the intuitive information that I channel in from Spirit during the healing, which is done at the end so it is not disruptive to the session. This discussion assists clients with issues in their lives and brings in a spiritual perspective to help understand how ongoing events are affecting their energy balance.